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Drugs.com (Pill Identifier)


Wondering why your generic medication looks different this month? Worried about some capsules found in your teenager's room? Not sure about those leftover pills still in the bathroom cabinet? There's a good chance that the Pill Identification Wizard (Pill Finder) can help you match the imprint, size, shape, or color and lead you to the detailed description in our drug database.


WebMD's website has information regarding health and health care, including a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, drugs information, blogs of physicians with specific topics and a place to store personal medical information.



NIH is the nation’s medical research agency—supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health.


Your FDA gateway for clinically important safety information and reporting serious problems with human medical products.


Parents need to know that this ad-free site, developed by the highly respected Nemours Foundation and regularly reviewed by health care professionals, dishes easy-to-digest health information for kids. Topics range from a breakdown of everyday illnesses and injuries to advice for those with problems in school such as cheating and getting along with teachers.

PSWPharmacy Society of Wisconsin

Today, with more than 3,000 members statewide PSW is THE professional organization of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists join to further their careers, advance the standing of pharmacists and improve the care of patients in Wisconsin.
View the PSW Inspired Professional Success video (includes a quick clip of Janet.)