Our history

Corner Drug is the longest running retail establishment in Baraboo. It was founded in 1855 by Dr. Benjamin F. Mills  and Dr. Charles Cowles at 100 Third Street. By 1890 and after few changes of ownership, the name "Corner Drug" became official under Koch & Whitman.  The store changed owners a few more times before Janet Fritsch purchased the business on January 1, 1993. Corner Drug remains the only independent pharmacy in Baraboo after purchasing Thompson Drug in 1995 and Troyer Rexall Drug in 1997. The owners of both stores (Bruce Aderhold, Dave Fuhs and Jack Troyer) joined the Corner Drug Store team for many years.

Link to Baraboo Drug Store History
Use this link (large 280 MB file) for a complete history of downtown Baraboo Drug Stores over the years.  Compiled by Mr. Paul Wolter of the Sauk County Historical Society it is an interesting read to those that value the history of downtown Baraboo.

Corner Drug Store Building circa 1880s
The current Corner Drug Store building circa 1880s.  The building displays its serliana/entablature at the top.  It is unknown when it was removed.

Downtown Baraboo, WI circa 1925

Corner Drug's current building as it appeared on the Baraboo downtown square shortly after the turn of the century (1920s?).  The serliana/entablature is still in place.

Old Baraboo Corner Drug Store building (1996)
Baraboo Corner Drug Store in previous location at Oak and Third Streets (1996)

In 1997 they moved to their current location at 522 Oak Street, the former Woolworth building. Corner Drug is a family owned and operated pharmacy that takes great satisfaction in being an integral part of the community.

In 1998, the owners of Baraboo Corner Drug Store purchased the next-door "Reinking" building. The Fritsches remodeled the upstairs of both the Woolworth and the Reinking buildings while opening the wall between them on the second floor.  Suites were created, an elevator added and the space has stayed full since 2000.This allows smaller retailers and businesses to establish a presence on the square in downtown Baraboo adding to an already vibrant community.

Baraboo Corner Drug from Oak Street

In 2012. Corner Drug Stores purchased the pharmacy in the Dean Medical clinic next to St. Clare Hospital.  This not only continued the pharmacy's operations but gave it the resources of the larger Corner Drug Store downtown. 

Pencil Drawing of Corner Drug Store and Shoppes

Corner Drug Store has always been known for its great customer service. We take the time and effort to get to know our customers and their families in the store and in the community.  We truly care about their health. We continue to strive to meet the needs of our patients and are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers.